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Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - From Thailand To Your Home!

If you've chosen cotton ball fairy lights as the perfect decor addition to your home, you probably haven't thought too hard about how they were made, but maybe you should!

Cotton ball fairy lights have become really popular over the last few years, which is hardly a surprise, considering how attractive and versatile they are. Ideal for use in every room of the house, they give a beautiful atmospheric touch to living rooms, dining areas and, of course, the bedroom. Available in a wide selection of colours, you can be sure that they will match your theming, adding an elegance and exotic flair to every occasion.

However, there is more to our cotton ball fairy lights than just a stylish home accessory. These gorgeous lighting solutions are environmentally sound as they are made from 100% cotton. Our handmade cotton ball fairy lights are also a Fair Trade product, meaning that when you purchase one of these stunning strings, you are also helping to improve lives.

Our product is made entirely by hand in Thailand, following a traditional and authentic method. Crafted by talented and skilled workers, each ball is individually formed in a complex and quite complicated process. Luckily, because the factory that produces these lights pays their workers a fair wage, their talents are well rewarded.

So, exactly how are cotton ball fairy lights made?

Firstly, small balloons are blown up.

Small ballons are blown up

This forms the shape that holds the cotton thread in place.

The factory has several machines that produce the glue that keeps the thread fixed.

Glue Mixer - To make glue for 3.750.000 Cotton Ball



The cotton is then wrapped by hand around the balloons.

cotton is wraped around the ballon which has been wrapped in glue!


When the thread has been wrapped around the balloon, the workers use clothes-type pegs to hang the cotton balls out to dry.


hearts drying

Once the cotton balls are dry, the balloon is popped leaving the thread shape intact.


The workers then sort the cotton balls into boxes ready for packaging.


The factory uses a special counting tool to make it easier to pack the crates ready for shipping.


The boxes are then sealed and marked with a colour coded sticker.

put color sticker on the box

The lorries are loaded up with boxes of cotton balls ready for shipping.


When they are completely filled, the lorries set off on their journey.


As you can see, the process is quite time consuming and specialised. The workers need to be extremely skilled and work very hard to ensure that each product is produced to the highest standards for you to enjoy. This is why it is very important that we use a Fair Trade factory so that each employee can enjoy a good standard of living and earn a decent wage for all their hard work.

I bet you didn't realise the effort that goes into making these lights when you chose these fairy lights for your home! So, next time you enjoy using your cotton ball lights, take a moment to remember how this lovely product was produced!