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10 ways to decorate your home with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights represent an interesting, modern way to brighten up your home. They are inexpensive but eye catching and are sure to cause a sensation! Here are 10 exciting ideas for you to try:

1. Dress Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is the focus of your room so why not step it up a notch? Draping pretty fairy lights around your mantelpiece creates a soft focus and an atmospheric touch.

2. Light Your Kitchen

Not necessarily the first place you'd expect to find fancy lighting, you can create a surprisingly modern feel when you drape a chain of plain lights around a kitchen notice board, a plate rack or from shelving.

3. Brighten Your Child's Life

A child's bedroom is the perfect place to drape pretty animal or car themed paper lanterns. Soft enough to be used as a nightlight they are comforting yet beautiful.

4. Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boudoir

The bedroom is one of the easiest places in your home to update with fairy lighting. Twisting rattan heart string lights around your headboard or creating a canopy of paper heart lanterns from the ceiling gives your sleeping area a sexy appeal.

5. Light The Way Upstairs

Plain or coloured string lights wound around your banister or up your staircase catches the eye and gives your hallway a trendy feel.

6. Dine By Lantern Light

Your dining room can be made brighter and more beautiful by the atmospheric appeal of string lights and lanterns. Choose classy rattan shapes for a rustic feel or bright coloured balls for a vibrant look. You won't need to light candles for a romantic meal when you can bask in the warm glow of fairy lights!

7. Glowing Pot Plants

Whether on your patio or in your living room, pot plants are there to bring life to your home. Make them even livelier with pretty delicate lights hidden in the leaves. A subtle hint of brightness in a dark corner.

8. Make Books Your Focus

Bookshelves are practical but look so dull. Now you can jazz up your study with a string of colourful cotton ball lanterns fastened under each shelf. Instead of disappearing into the background you can bring everyone's attention back to the excitement of reading!

9. Decorate A Tree

Lights on a tree isn't just for the festive season. From small patio shrubs to freestanding conifers, make a statement in your garden with brightly coloured lights strung across the branches.

10. Enjoy Your Garden

Nobody said pretty lighting should stay inside your house. It's time to bring illumination to your outdoor spaces with beautiful Chinese style paper lanterns above your patio or colourful strings entwined around a gazebo. Take advantage of warm summer evenings when you light up your garden.