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We're a creative product supplier that stocks unique lighting solutions and homewares to add sparkle to your home

My Bright Source has stemmed from international traveling, encountering products and gifts on route that we believe have heart in the home and business boasting common functionality and everyday use.

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We stock a wide variety of Puzzle Lamps, these are self-assembly lamp shades, made up of interlocking pieces.

Puzzle Lights are incredible lighting fixtures that can be transformed into dozens of shapes and styles. We offer an instruction manual for 15 unique puzzle light styles but you can also make your own designs.

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Unique fairy lights, puzzle lamps and lighting solutions, inspired by products from around the world. Stunning ranges for every room of the house.

My Bright Source is the first place you should turn for exciting and unique lighting solutions.

We can provide stunning ranges for every room of the house bringing you all the latest looks, the most up to the minute styles and modern products.

We offer creative ways to light your home using a selection of attractive, unusual and environmentally friendly materials.

We also bring you a range of LED bulbs, remote controlled lights and accessories such as power cords and replacement string lighting.

You can choose from a wide assortment of colours so you can be sure there will be the perfect lamp to suit your tastes and decor.

Our ever-expanding company takes gr eat pride in offering a top quality customer service experience.

We aim for complete satisfaction in our beautiful lighting products and we make every effort to keep to estimated timescales when delivering your order.

We offer products for every pocket; from cost-effective string lighting, perfect for brightening a dark corner to spectacular puzzle lamps complete with remote control and LED bulbs.

They say a change is as good as a rest. Sometimes, we want to upgrade our homes, find a new image and update our accessories. If you can't afford to completely remodel a room, a lighting change is the ideal way to create a brand new look. Maybe you have just moved into a new property and are looking for inspiration and a trendy image. Perhaps you have just redecorated and need lights to match your new look room. Whatever the reason, My Bright Source is the best place to begin looking for cutting edge lighting solutions. With simple fairy lights, string lighting or an exotic puzzle lamp, you can invent a brand new look suited to any home.

No longer simply a Christmas decoration, both string and fairy lights are here to stay. Decorate a child's bedroom with toy inspired lanterns, pep up a tired living room with Oriental themed lighting or explore the exciting textures and colours of rattan lights in a choice of shapes. Go for single coloured lights, lanterns in complementary shades or even multi-coloured strings. Choose from a selection of unusual and textured materials from paper to cotton balls. Each gives a unique look and a stylish twist on conventional illumination. Fairy lights are the perfect addition to any room, providing ambient mood lighting for the bedroom, a fun twist to the playroom or a chic touch for the living room. Shapes ranging from simple round lanterns to hearts, Chinese shapes, stars and moons give a sophisticated edge and style to your living spaces while cute animal and car shaped lanterns complement the decor of your child's room while comforting them at night with a beautiful, soft glow.

If you are looking for an intriguing, unusual and fun lamp that will create a real talking point amongst your friends, why not opt for a puzzle light? Enormously fun to make, these lamps can be adapted to your own taste and are available in a choice of styles and colours. Made from interlocking plastic, they are user friendly and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use with a pretty soft glow ideal for atmospheric parties and as night lights. Pick a colour to match your room with options available across the whole spectrum from basic black and white to blue, pink, red, yellow, green and grey.

Whatever look you hope to create, choose My Bright Source for your creative and appealing light solutions. With our gorgeous, practical, cost-effective products, let us light your home beautifully.